A new Way to Test

Adhesion gel, Schrödinger cubes, the paint gun and colored lasers are just a few of the new testing elements available in Portal 2: Community Edition. Many of Portal 2's existing testing elements have been enhanced with new features and bug fixes.

A screenshot of a map showcasing the new Schrödinger cubes and lasers
Powered by Strata Source

Portal 2: Community Edition is powered by Strata Source, a modernized fork of the Source Engine. Strata Source is the basis for multiple projects and includes a huge variety of features, improvements and bug fixes. Notable features include a DirectX 11 renderer, massively expanded map limits, backwards compatibility with Half-Life 2/Team Fortress 2 assets, and a modernized Hammer level editor.

A screenshot of the desktop of a Linux system, showing P2:CE running, as well as some other utilities from Linux
Revamped UI

Using Panorama, Source 2's UI framework, we've rebuilt Portal 2's UI from the ground up with one thing in mind: user generated content! Panorama's flexibility will allow modders to create their own beautiful, highly responsive UIs with minimal friction, all while our main menu highlights quality content made by the community.

A mockup of a new user interface for P2:CE
This is an early mockup. The final UI will look different.
...And much more!

We've been hard at work fixing hundreds of bugs and adding countless new features. Check out our changelogs to see what we've been up to!

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